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based on the novel by Lisa St. Aubin de Teran
Screenplay by Caroline Goodall

George Sluizer

Caroline Goodall and George Sluizer

Plot summary
William Walsh is a contended family man, proud father of twin girls, a new born son, and married to an alluring actress, Rosalind. William lets her take the children on vacation to France, underestimating signs that his wife is losing touch with reality.

When William finds photos from Rosalind’s childhood, he suspects her of hiding a secret trauma and travels to France to find his family.

In a harrowing sequence he discovers his baby son is dead and the frail thread of sanity to which Rosalind clung, has snapped. William secretly buries his son in a rocky cove on the beach. Weeks later, back in London, William concocts a story of a car accident to explain his son’s  death. Although Rosalind recovers from her schizophrenic episode, she now cannot remember she ever had a son. William is plunged into a nightmare of obsessive fear and allows his resentment of Rosalind to build to a pitch where he suspects that she murdered her own son. He returns to France to find his son and face the truth, but when he gets there he cannot locate the secret grave. Is he mad? Did the child ever exist?

He travels to the Bay of Silence on the Italian Riviera, where he spent his honeymoon. There he finds Rosalind, who made a similar pelgrimage. They rediscover their love… but now,  it is William, who cannot forget, who has lost touch with reality.

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