APress quotes


Roger Ebert (www.rogerebert.com)
… I doubt I'll see a more touching movie scene than the end scene of the film between Judy Davis and River Phoenix.

Hollywood Reporter
… terrificaly played and superbly photographed.

Magnificent story in a scorching desert.

Miami Herald
… the best role River ever played.

Hollywood Reporter
… an intense and impredictable talent.


Mill Valley Times
Enchanted visuals, spirited performances and charming wit make The Stoneraft an intelligent, offbeat, whimsically satirical examination of the human condition…

Northern Arts Entertainment
The film moved us deeply at a time of great tension and divisiveness. The film has a unique optimism for the future of man, politics and the planet, while delivering it's cautionary notes and political satire in a manner both palatable and entertaining…

The Village Voice
An extraordinary film. Sluizer manages to strike a delicate balance between magical-realism and biting political satire in this engaging allegory…

Chicago Sunday Times
With its spectacular photography and often whimsical narrative,
this beautiful allegory has moments of weird lyricism and eerie romance…

The influence of Bunuel and Pasolini is remarkable, one could best compare the film to ‘Kaos’ from the Taviani brothers.

A magically tainted film, full of wisdom and irony…

George Sluizer turns his back on action-film and psychological drama, here it is all about magic and poetry…



John Hurt is superb is the ex-MP who becomes Britain’s commissioner to the EEC.

Steadily built tension, plausible characters and chilling cynicism from director George Sluizer…

Berliner Post
The Commissionner deals with a man who in spite of himself finds a grain of i ntegrity when he finds himself at the centre of a conspiracy involving chemical weapons.



Interview Magazine
Utz is a minor miracle, smooth, cool and delicate.

Berlin Morning Post
The film with the shortest title - UTZ, was for many the most memorable film of the Festival. It has everything that belongs to great cinema : tension, humour, the power of persuasion, an original story, an actor who deserves an award, and a richness of detail that, as with a jigsaw, adds up to a total picture…
Armin Mueller-Stahl is great. He conveys pride, wealth and knowledge, greed and cynicism, deception and the frivolity of a man who is infected by the poison of collecting.

New York Times
Rapt and appealing, directed with courtly flair, UTZ succeeds in being every bit as peculiar and mischievous as the book om which it is based.

The Atlantic   
film of unhurried grace and wistful passion. A revelation.

Algemeen Dagblad  
Armin Mueller-Stahl made more than 120 films. He says “ I am the most proud of my role in UTZ , a very beautiful story, wonderfully directed by Dutchman George Sluizer”.

Film Journal
A mysterious, absorbing tale. Elegant, well-acted and rich in
old world charm and character. It shimmers with an eloquent sense of time.

The Boston Globe
Utz is a sophisticated magical film.

La Stampa
Fascinating for its irony and sensitivity and the world that it evokes in the gentle   tones of melancholy.

La Vanguardia
George Sluizer’s masterpiece is the kind of film which makes European cinema great.

Corriere della Sera
George Sluizer succeeds in creating an appropriate amalgam reminiscent of Visconti’s “The Leopard”.



The Guardian
A brilliantly perverse idea about a crime re-enactment programme that creates murders of its own…

The Post
Crimetime is a thriller with unsettling black comic undertones…



New York Times
…fiendishley intelligent..chilling and perverse, spell-binding, a gripping psychological thriller.

Chicago Sunday Times
The Vanishing is one of the best thrillers ever made. A knockout.

Time out
Sluizer’s direction is seamless throughout, effortlessly juggling domesticity and damnation as it ploughs inexorably toward an appalling denouement. An enticing, terrifying vision, superbly conceived and masterfully executed.

The New Yorker
…as chilling and perverse as this film is, it’s also, surprisingly,moving; its rigor isn’t alienating, and its symetries are evocative rather than merely ingenious .
The Vanishing has  the elusive but unshakable poetry of nightmare.

San Francisco Examiner
The Vanishing will haunt your mind long after this film is over.

The Daily telegraph
Better than Hitchcock.

Los Angeles Times
An unforgettable thriller, a real nail-biter..ingenious…

San Francisco Chronicle
The Vanishing is a movie about love stronger than death and the power of ideas.



The Dallas Times
…it’s the most hilarious spoof of Hollywood ever made.

The London Times
Very smart and funny, maybe the funniest film I have seen in years…



De Telegraaf
Great acting in convincing adaptation of the novel by Harry Mulisch.

Algemeen dagblad
Bibi Andersson is brilliant.



New York Times
…a powerful story, a very beautiful film.

… here is a hauntingly strange and visually stunning picture, all location lensing being specially standout.

….the most authentic film about Brazilian life in the interior I have ever seen. A very rewarding experience.

Haagse Courant
…João is a film of extraordinary beauty and it gives a penetrating image of the    people’s lives in the Northeast of Brazil.

Brazil inspired George Sluizer to a masterpiece.



Het Parool
…seeing ‘The Raft’ and ‘Zeca’, I can’t think of any other description than: little jewels. Not only because the pictures are beautiful but also because the approach is such that for who can listen, there is a lot to be heard.

…these films are fastuous with truth and blood, the salt of the earth. These are the kind of films which rehabilitate the splendour of documentary into a noble and decisive art.

the quality of these documentaries is remarkable and the most striking is their dramatic impact in spite of a very simple, factual story-telling: living together with these poor people, you discover their misery, their dignity and their grandeur.