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Language English
Format 35mm ratio 1: 1,85




Rob Schneider, Carolina Gomez,
Steve Buscemi, Peter Riegert, Holland Taylor

Directed by
George Sluizer

Plot Summary
Paul is an ordinary car salesman in Los Angeles. He hates his job, his beautiful wife has left him, and his mother and gay monk brother constantly remind him about his wasted life.

Unbeknownst to Paul, his life is going to change. With rope in hand, about to go off into the great hereafter, Paul hears an insistent knock at his front door. Incredulous that some stranger won’t leave him alone during his final moments, he finally answers the door and is greeted by a South American woman named Marisa, along with three holy Arhuaco Shamans. It seems the world is out of balance , and the Arhuacos have been given mandate to find the Chosen One who must perform a monumental and selfless act to right the world and bring snow back to their barren mountaintop village. While waiting for the “sign” to reveal itself, Paul  is shown the value of the Shamans’ more spiritual ways. Things get complicated as Paul and Marisa begin to fall for one another, especially as Paul’s ex-wife maneuvers for reconciliation.

In a moment of clarity, Paul realizes the way to right the world. He flies to New York and climbs to the top floor of a Central Park high-rise apartment building to rescue endangered Red Tail Hawks, their nest having been destroyed by the building’s owner. He puts the nest back together, allowing the hawks to return.

Snow begins to fall again on the Arhuecos mountaintop in Colombia. Paul realizes he has fallen in love with Marisa and he flies to South America to find her.

Screenplay by
Rob Schneider and Boon Collins

Produced by
Joseph Bretz, John Schneider, Scott Dolezal,
Rob Schneider, Boon Collins

Executive producers
David Hillary, Tim Peternel ,
George Sluizer (co-executive producer)

Chosen One Productions RS/LLC

Director of photography– Kees van Oostrum
Production designer– John Demeo
Casting director– Pamela Rack-Guest
Location Manager– Kristi Frankenheimer
Costume designer– Natasha Landau
Editor– Julie Sloane
Sound mixer– Steve Nelson
Line producer – Richard Middleton
Line producer Colombia – Warren “Zulu” Keunig
Line producer New York – Roberta Morris


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