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Stoneraft Films b.v.
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Tel. + 31 20 77 86 188
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Running time 100 minutes
Language Portuguese/ Dutch / English
(English subtitles)
Format 35mm color/ratio 1: 1.75
Sound Dolby Digital


DYING TO GO HOME  (1995-96)

Diogo Infante, Maria d’Aires
Jack Wouterse, Huub Stapel

Directed by
George Sluizer & Carlos da Silva

Plot Summary
In this romantic comedy, Manuel Espirito Santo is just an ordinary Portuguese emigrant until he wakes up in a cemetery and discovers he’s become a ghost. An old Chinese ghost living in the grave next door gives Manuel the bad news that he will only rest in peace if he can get his bones back to his native land. Worse yet, the only way to communicate with the living is through their dreams, which they tend unanimously to forget once they wake up. Manuel makes a dreamland visit to Julia, his sister back in Portugal. She finally heads north, starts a restaurant in Amsterdam and falls in love with Manuel’s best friend Max. Manuel steps up his dream campaign. It is true there are benefits to being immaterial, but, despite the fun, nobody can hear him, nobody can see him and he is still Dying to Go Home …

Also Known As
Mortinho por chegar a casa (Portugal)

Carlos da Silva & Jennifer Field
Additional dialogue George Sluizer

Produced by
George Sluizer & Carlos da Silva
Executive producer Anne Lordon

A co-production Taiga films (Holland) &
Europa 7 Filme (Portugal)
in association with The Spice Factory (England)

Director of photography – Theo Bierkens
Production designer – Philippe graff
Costume designer – Linda Bogers
Editor – Mario Steenbergen
Music Producer – Henny Vrienten
Music – 4Portango
Sound – Roberto van Eijden / Peter Flamman / Quintino Bastos
Line producer – Dirk Schreiner
Line producer (Portugal) – Jaime Campos

Diogo Infante – Manuel
Maria d’Aires – Julia
Jack Wouterse – Max
Huub Stapel – Joris
Phoa Yan Tiong – Kootchi Tung
Cecilia Guimarães – Tia Maria
Lieneke Le Roux – Directrice de Pauw
Herman José – Vasco da Gama

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