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Stoneraft Films b.v.
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Tel. + 31 20 77 86 188
Tel. + 31 (0)6. 205 280 98
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Running time 103 minutes
Language English
Format 35mm ratio : 1:1.75
Sound Dolby digital mono



Starring James Michael Taylor, Cathryn Bissell

Directed by
George Sluizer

Plot Summary
Myrna Greenbaum had no experience. Dan Mc Man had too much. When they are cast as the romantic leads in a B-Western, Dan decides to teach Myrna how to make love to enhance his own performance. But the script portrays him as a loser…and when the man whose role he plays appears on the set, Dan’character falls victim to a Kafka-esque twist of fate. Love and pretense, experience, innocence and guilt, all trade places as Red Desert Penitentiary is revealed as a prison of the imagination.

George Sluizer
Based on the short story by Tim Krabbé

Produced by
George Sluizer
Associate producer
Tom Henderson
A Sweetwater Little Theater & MGS Film production

Director of photography – Toni Kuhn
Production coordinator – Anne Lordon
Art director – Joris Sluizer
Sound – Bernardine Ligthart
Editor – Julie Sloane / George Sluizer
Music – James Michael Taylor

Danny Mac Mann – James Michael Taylor
Myrna Greenbaum – Cathryn Bissell
James Gagan – Bill Rose
Chet Kofman – Jim Wortham
Mrs. Greenbaum – Carolee Patterson
Mickey Slavasky – Giovanni Korporaal
Dexter – Jerry Muncy
Rosalie – Trudy Wortham
Film producer – George Sluizer

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