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Running time 6
Language Spanish
Format 16mm color  / ratio 1: 1.33


TEPITO SI  (1982)

Directed by
George Sluizer

Script by
George Sluizer

Plot Summary
Tepito Si is the dramatized story of the people from Tepito, a popular district in the heart of Mexico-City, who struggle for their existence and succeed in surviving in spite of corruption and political game. When it was announced in 1972 that the Municipality wanted to renovate the Tepito area, the inhabitants formed an action group in order to have their say in the urban renewal plans. The devotion of the ‘poor’ and ‘illiterate’Tepitans in proposing  a fantastic drawn-up counterplan is unique. This             plan won them a First Prize at the Architecture Biennale in Warsaw.

Produced by
Anne Lordon
a Sluizer Films Production

Architect Navarro – Lilia Aragón
Deputee – Eduardo López Rojas
Politician – Rubén Calderón
Policeman – Jorge Fegan
Briber canteen – Felio Eliel
Director Codeur – Héctor Cruz
Architect – Fernando Balzaretti
Bank director – Julio Monterde
Director Banobras – Luciano Hernández de la Vega
Tepito :
Daniel Manrique / Alfonso Hernández / Aurelio Frausto y Sra
Manuel Pérez / Miguel Campuzano / Maria Elena Rios Montaño
Fidel Reyes / Malena Bernal Salazar / Julio Lopéz
Margarita Bernal Salazar / José Luis Bernal Salazar
Ema Salazar de Bernal / Maria Elena Garduño de Bernal

Camera – Toni Kuhn
Camera assistant – Santiago Navarrete
Gaffer – Martin Díaz
Assistant director – Maryse Sistach
Coach Spanish/Mexican – Juan Mora
Sound – Bernadine Lighthart
Production manager – Hugo Green
Assistance Tepito – Alfonso Hernández / Manuel Perez
Editors – George Sluizer / Danniel Danniel

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