AA list of shorts, documentaries and television films by George Sluizer

Length  58 minutes
Format 16mm color


(a.k.a. De Amerikaanse droom)

Walter Cronkite / A.C Ekker / Robert Redford /Koos van den Akker / Helen Colijn / Bill Dotter

Directed by
George Sluizer

In 1982, it was the bicentennial of Dutch- American diplomatic relations. Five people who emigrated to the United States during these 200 years are pictured in this TV special : Walter Cronkite – the voice of CBS - whose family left Holland one and a half century ago, family Ekker who became Mormons when they arrived in Utah and now live on the ranch where Butch Cassidy took shelter. Helen Colijn, granddaughter of Prime Minister Hendrik Colijn, who went to California as soon as she could leave the Japanese prison camps in the Dutch Indies at the end of the War. Bill Dotter, who built a sailing ship like the Mayflower to sail back to Holland.And Koos van den Akker, the flamboyant fashion designer, who left Holland because he loved New York in the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. 

Produced by
Nico Crama
Cinecentrum / Thirteen WNET

Executive producers
George Page / Henk Suèr / Richard Decossaux

Script and narration
Dave B Jones

Line producer
Carl Tewes

Production assistance
Wilma Smit / Irene Tewes

Albert van der Wildt

Camera assistant
Berndt Wouthuijsen

Martin Swinkels

Julie Sloane

Assistant editor
Wendy Battles

Piotr van Dijk

Sound editing
Bernard Hajdenberg

Dutch narration
Gerard Soeteman

Narrated by
Arnold Gelderman

Jan van Sandwijk / Rick Dior

Loek Dikker

Executed by
Het Promenade Orkest






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