AA list of shorts, documentaries and television films by George Sluizer

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Length  29 minutes
Format 16mm color / DVD

THE RAFT    (1973)

aka Het vlot
aka La Balsa

Directed and produced by
George Sluizer

An intimate account of a thousand kilometer journey on a river in the Northeast of Brazil on a  self-made raft carrying a small household including two children. The raft is the means of transport since time immemorial and the journey to the town of Teresina lasts about a month. Life in slow-motion, with fleeting encounters along the banks. When the family arrives in Teresina, the merchandise is sold, the raft dismanteld, branch by branch, leaf by leaf.

Sluizer Films

Bert van Munster

Production manager
Chris Rodrigues

Sound  and editing
George Sluizer            

Narrated by
George Sluizer


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