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Language Czech
Format 35mm color



Jan Machácek, Karel Roden, Theodora Remundová,
Bozidara Turzonovová, Dianna Mórová, Laurence Côte,
Arnaud Giovaninetti

Plot Summary
Prague Stories is a movie about human relationship and love in Prague seen from the perspective of four distinctive directors. Each of them has shot an episode of about twenty minutes set in contemporary Prague. Fatal angles in love affairs, tragic-comic barriers in communication and the uneasy overcoming alienation are the common topics of the individual episodes.

Directed by
Vladimír Michálek
Michaela Pavlátová
Martin Sulík
Artemio Benki

Produced by
Artemio Benki & Zdenek Polak
Joël Farges
Anne Lordon/George Sluizer
Sirena Films in co-production with
Krátky FilmPraha 7
Artcam International Paris and Taiga Films Amsterdam

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