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Running time 102 minutes
Language English
Format 35mm / ratio 1:1.75
Sound Dolby mono



TWICE A WOMAN   (1979)

Bibi Andersson, Anthony Perkins, Sandra Dumas

Directed by
George Sluizer

Plot Summary
Laura lives in Amsterdam in a world of books and artifacts from the Museum where she works. She has been divorced from her husband for several years. One day, Laura, to her own astonishment, falls in love with a 20-year old girl, Sylvia, a mixture of innocence and boldness. Quickly a warm and tender relation arises between the two women. They fantasize about having a child. One night, at the opening of a play, Sylvia is introduced to Alfred, Laura’s former husband , who is a theater critic.  Suddenly, Sylvia becomes silent and disappears. Laura becomes very depressed. Some months pass and Sylvia appears as suddenly as she disappeared. She admits she only went to live with Alfred in order to become pregnant. That night the two women celebrate their reunion but they are interrupted by Alfred who pleads to talk to Sylvia alone. Next day, Laura is at work when she gets a telephone call from the police. A horrible drama has taken place in her apartment.

Screenplay by
George Sluizer & Jurrien Rood
based on the novel ‘Twee vrouwen’
by Harry Mulisch

Produced by
George Sluizer & Anne Lordon
Executive producer
William Howard

a MGS Film production

Director of Photography – Mat van Hensbergen
Art Director – Michel Bodt
Costumes – Renée Deijman
Sound – Piotr van Dijk
Editor – Leo de Boer
Line producer – Dirk Scheiner

Laura – Bibi Andersson
Sylvia – Sandra Dumas
Alfred – Anthony Perkins
Mother Sylvia – Kitty Courbois
Father Sylvia – Hans Veerman
Writer play – Charles Gormley
Karin – Astrid Weyman

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