AA list of shorts, documentaries and television films by George Sluizer

Length  58 minutes
Format 16mm color

THE LONELY DORYMEN, Portugal’s men of the sea  (1967) 

National Geographic Society - CBS

Directed by
George Sluizer

For more than four centuries, young Portuguese fishermen have followed their fathers to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland and in recent years to Greenland’s banks to fish the cold waters for cod. Intrepid men, set off for the Banks on schooners under full sail, then adrift in a flat-bottomed dory, they bait the hundred of hooks of their long-line, oblivious to fog, rain and Arctic wind , they labour 18 hours a day  and haul up cod by the score.

Written  by
David Seltzer

Produced by
George Sluizer & David Seltzer

Anton van Munster

Add. Photography
Carl Harmon

Sound effects
Paul Verhoeven

George Sluizer / Bud Friedgen

Assistant editor
Huib Duyster

Narrated by
Alexander Scourby

Lyn Murray

Executive producer
Alan Landsburg

Associate producer
Dennis B.Kane

Produced by
National Geographic society
in association with Wolper Productions
for CBS TV

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